Monday, March 27, 2006

Stroke risk factors - control 'em and you win.

Most data on favorable levels of risk relate to coronary heart disease, not stroke. This population-based, 12-sample, Italian study a with 10-year follow-up, assessed the relation of a low risk profile to stroke and implications for prevention.

  • No strokes occurred in low risk participants, and stroke incidence was low with borderline elevation of only one risk factor.
  • Four modifiable risk factors--elevated blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, and high total cholesterol/high density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio--related independently to stroke risk.
  • For those at low risk or who had only one unfavorable (but not high) risk factor, the stroke rate was 76% lower than for high risk participants.
  • For all persons not at high risk, the stroke rate was 57% lower than for those at high risk.
  • In sum, favorable risk factor levels assure minimal stroke risk.

Cut stroke risk with fruits and vegetables.

Cut stroke risk with statins.

Cut stroke risk with antihypertensives.

Cut stroke risk with exercise.


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