Saturday, January 07, 2006

Can I stop exercising?

Sure you can, but look for a return to pre-exercise cardiovascular status within one to two weeks.

The benefits achieved in a 4 week, 3 times per week, 30 minutes per day, 60% of maximum, exercise regimen occur in the first two weeks with no further benefit in weeks three to four.

The results indicate that the optimal cardiovascular benefits of moderate exercise occur rapidly. At least with short training programs, the benefits regress once training stops just as quickly as they appeared.

Of course, if you sustain the regimen and lose weight, then the cardiovascular benefits from the weight loss will be achieved. (The increased BP in obese patients almost certainly depends on increased plasma volume and their cardiovascular and renal findings may result as much from the concomitant glucose and lipid abnormalities as from the high BP.)


Think I'll gear up for the Redskins game with some exercise.



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