Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Add Pulse of the Heart to your News

If you use a newsreader, you are way ahead of most internet users. If you don't, it may be time, for in 2006 we may all be entering the "feedosphere."

The reality is that millions of online users are already reading feeds. They're just not aware of it. Yahoo, in fact, said that 27% of Internet users consume syndicated content on personalized start pages without knowing the enabling technology. Presumably many of these are My Yahoo users. Here's a sample generic newsreader that could be personalized: My Yahoo.

What am I talking about and why am I talking about this? If you desire to have all your health news, general news, blogs like this one, or just about anything fed to one web page for easy viewing, without having to go to your favorites for each link, you need a newsreader. Microsoft will be inserting a newsreader into its upcoming operating system, but you can use the technology today.

Here's a simple explanation about how syndication works.

Here's a free newsreader, or here, or here. These are but three of many.

Once you download your reader, add Pulse of the Heart to your newsreader. Just click on site feed in the right-hand column of the home page, and paste the URL into your newsreader when requested to add a new source.

Then, tell your friends if they need some assistance, you'd love to add blogs and feeds to their aggregators. :-)


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