Tuesday, December 27, 2005

More evidence of fiber's benefits

A diet that includes diverse sources of fiber may help prevent several major risk factors for heart disease, a study of French adults suggests.

The study of nearly 6,000 men and women found that the higher the participants' fiber intake, the lower their risk of being overweight or having elevated blood pressure or cholesterol.
The researchers also found that fiber from different sources had somewhat different effects.

  1. Fiber from whole grains - lower weight, blood pressure, and homocysteine.
  2. Fiber from fruit - lower blood pressure, less abdominal fat.
  3. Fiber from vegetables - lower blood pressure and homocysteine
  4. Fiber from nuts, dried fruit, seeds - lower weight, abdominal fat, and blood sugar.

These findings all point to the importance of getting fiber from a variety of sources. The results also suggest that adults would do well to get more than the recommended fiber intake of roughly 25 grams per day. Each 5-gram increase above that was linked to a greater decrease in the risks of being overweight or having high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Where's the fiber? Here's a chart.

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